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About Prins USA

At Prins USA, Inc. is a world leader in open roof greenhouse construction. With over four million square feet of greenhouse already installed, our company offers growers the best in the industry.

The president and owner, Joe Van Wingerden, has a lifelong career in the greenhouse industry. He has won several awards for his work, including Greenhouse Manager Innovator by Greenhouse Manager Magazine. After running Dominion Growers, Inc. for over 20 years, Joe started Prins USA, Inc. in pursuit of serving greenhouse leaders worldwide through construction. Joe continues to manage his own greenhouse where he grows ferns and hydroponic lettuce.

Located in Stevensburg, Virginia, Prins USA, Inc. and its ten-acre greenhouse currently houses fern, lettuce, and water plant production. Prins USA greenhouse is also home to the largest tulip production in the East Coast by Fresh Tulips, USA.

Prins USA greenhouse in Stevensburg, Virginia
Prins USA greenhouse in Stevensburg, Virginia.

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